Photo courtesy of Studio Med

Say goodbye to hangovers! Good Morning America has named IV Therapy one of the biggest wellness trends of 2019. This summer, Studio Med (a luxury concierge medical service in Manhattan) has brought IV Therapy to the Hamptons. Clients can now receive treatments in the comfort of their own homes or while lounging poolside overlooking their newest collection of summertime floaties. Popular among celebrities, IV Therapy is an effective method for delivering hydration, vitamins, nutrients, and medications. Each session is customized to meet the unique needs of a patient with formulas designed for immunity, hangover, detox, beauty, skincare, and fitness. Some people are even throwing IV parties. Prior to ringing in the New Year, Neil Patrick Harris organized IV drips for his friends at a “hangover party” the following day. Since their launch on Memorial Day weekend, Studio Med has also begun offering telemedicine to their Hamptons clients. If you’re feeling under the weather, doctors are available to provide a consultation via Facetime and call in necessary prescriptions — while you’re lounging on your chair at East Hampton Main Beach.



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