The Setting Collective specializes in creating luxury gatherings with a focus on elegance and detail. Their exquisite settings are tailored for various occasions, blending stylish decor with personalized service. Whether it’s a chic setup on the beach or an intimate backyard gathering, each experience is a memorable one.  Jess Dewar, founder of The Setting Collective, shared with Hamptons Social her inspiration for launching he brand, and what is on her bucket list for summer 2024.

We absolutely love your elegant set-ups on the beach in the Hamptons. What inspired you to launch The Setting Collective?

JESS DEWAR: My passion for adding an elegant touch to every occasion has always been a driving force in my life. Whether it’s a simple beach bonfire or a casual backyard gathering, I strive to ensure my guests experience something truly magical. This dedication inspired me to create my business, The Setting Collective. 

What makes The Hamptons a perfect location for your bespoke tablescapes?

DEWAR: The Hamptons embody the perfect aesthetic for luxury picnics, blending natural beauty with upscale charm. I love giving my clients the opportunity to host an amazing evening without the added stress. 

What is one memorable picnic set up that you’ve created so far?

DEWAR: It’s tough to pick just one standout setting because I’ve had the pleasure of creating so many gorgeous ones. However, post-proposal dinners remain the most memorable. We’ll set up a romantic spot for the proposal and then arrange a dinner further down the beach for family and friends to celebrate afterward. Seeing all the excitement and happiness on everyone’s faces makes the night magical. The evening is filled with so much love and beauty, it’s truly an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

What are the different types of occasions that people book your picnics for?

DEWAR: Guests book our picnics for all sorts of special moments, like romantic dates, bachelorettes, and proposals. We also love setting up for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers, and family gatherings. Friends’ get-togethers, corporate events, and holiday celebrations are also popular. Each occasion is uniquely tailored to ensure a personal and memorable experience for everyone involved

What is on your own bucket list for summer 2024 in The Hamptons?

DEWAR: Personally I’m hoping to host more get togethers outside of work. I end up hosting way more at my Tribeca apartment during the winter, then when summer comes I’m so focused on The Setting Collective. My bucket list mostly includes activities involving water. We rented a sail boat last summer and it’s on the top of my list to do again. Other things on my list include deep sea fishing, surf lessons and a lot of tennis!

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