Hidden Gem is a new beautifully curated pop up store in Southampton founded by two sisters, local artist, and local designer Tanya and Temidra. Both of their parents are from Antigua and the Caribbean island has inspired their store and aesthetic. 95% of everything that Hidden Gem carries is handmade, if not by Tanya and Temidra, then by local craftsman and artists from around the world. Hamptons Social had the pleasure of speaking with Tanya and Temidra about their new endeavor.

What inspired you to open Hidden Gem in Southampton?
Temidra: I loved the idea of people wandering into this hidden store and being surprised by all our unique goodies. We just so happened to find the perfect space, which was in Southampton!

How would you describe the store’s aesthetic?
Temidra:  It’s fun and vibrant yet clean and beachy. Mixing patterns and colors is our specialty.
Tanya: The best way to describe it would be eclectic. We both love mixing colors and patterns.

What are some of your favorite pieces you have for sale in the store?
Temidra: All of our rugs are very special and we’ve also got these cute fabric dolls. All of our art! I may be biased though because my sister makes majority of them.
Tanya: It’s all so unique, and I can honestly say we don’t carry anything that I wouldn’t want for myself.

If you could spend the perfect day in the Hamptons what would your itinerary look like?
Temidra: A morning walk on the beach in Amagansett with a mango lassi from Hampton Chutney is always nice. I would have some pool time with takeout sandwiches from Cavaniola or a quick bite at Page in Sag with shopping after, Sunset dinner at Harbor Bistro or a backyard BBQ with friends and family to end the day.
Tanya: The day would start with yoga first thing in the morning and then brunch in Sag Harbor town. Most of the day would be spent at the beach with a pre packed lunch of course. Then I’d close out with dinner by the water and a walk through town.

631-259-3494; hiddengemNY.com

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