A favorite among celebrities and a trailblazer in her field, Dr. Anna Avaliani is redefining the landscape of cosmetic and laser surgery with a philosophy she calls “Skinvestment.” At the heart of this approach lies a commitment to viewing skin care as a vital investment in oneself, not merely an expense. 

“Start early, be proactive,” she advises, emphasizing the importance of treating skin as an asset worthy of ongoing investment. Her holistic approach includes treating the skin on the face and body simultaneously, aiming to restore natural beauty without altering one’s fundamental essence.“Skin health has a profound impact on one’s emotional and mental wellbeing,” Dr. Avaliani explains. The first thing we notice in the mirror each morning is our skin, and its condition can dramatically influence our self-confidence and mood. By maintaining healthy skin, Dr. Avaliani believes we not only feel more beautiful but also enhance our social interactions and overall lifestyle.

As a self-described “skin architect,” Dr. Avaliani takes a personalized approach to rejuvenation. She tailors each treatment to the individual, ensuring the foundation of good skin health is firmly laid before advancing with stateof-the-art techniques. Among her recommended treatments are UltraClear Laser-Coring rejuvenation, injectable moisturizers, and the use of human exosomes, which she believes are particularly effective in reversing the signs of aging. 

Twenty-twenty-four holds new promises in the realm of anti-aging, according to Dr. Avaliani. She is excited about the potential of emerging technologies and treatments. “We are closer now than ever to realizing the fountain of youth,” she states, pointing to advances in stem cell research and the growing openness towards anti-aging discussion, both among celebrities and the general public.

The passion Dr. Avaliani feels for her work is palpable, especially when discussing the transformative experiences of her clients. “There’s a profound joy in seeing someone’s confidence blossom when they look in the mirror. It’s about making them look refreshed, never done,” she shares. For Dr. Avaliani, the greatest compliment is when the results are imperceptible to others, yet life-changing for the client.“They’re my works of art,” she adds.

Dr. Avaliani defines beauty as the confidence of being comfortable in one’s skin, without the need for makeup. She advocates for treating skin concerns at their root, rather than covering them up — a testament to her belief in authentic, lasting beauty. Each treatment plan is highly personalized, crafted during in-depth consultations that consider everything from skin quality to lifestyle. “The magic starts with truly understanding the individual needs of each client,” Dr. Avaliani explains, highlighting the bespoke nature of her practice.

With summer approaching, Dr. Avaliani offers advice for achieving party perfect skin. Her tips include advanced booking for skin tightening treatments and avoiding artificial tans. She recommends treatments like PicoSure for a radiant glow, TempSure Envi for painless skin tightening, and Emsculpt for body toning, ensuring her clients look their absolute best from head to toe.

In her free time, Dr. Avaliani enjoys the simple pleasures of beach walks around the Hamptons, lunches in Sag Harbor, and dinners at Nick & Toni’s — a perfect blend of professional dedication and personal enjoyment that defines her as not just a visionary in her field, but also a connoisseur of life’s finer moments.


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