During this summer, we are going to highlight a few members of the Hamptons community that are working to give back during the epidemic. Today we are spotlighting seven-year-old Juliette Rothfeld who has been in quarantine with her family in Southampton since early March. She learned how to yarn at The Dalton School and asked her mom if she could buy a bunch of yarn so she could make unique headbands and decorate them to sell. Juliette was set on donating all proceeds from her sales and choose New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where she was born. She created a company called, ‘Headbandz4Heroes’ and her own fundraising page and began yarning ‘Headbandz’. In just two and a half months she has hit her first goal of $5000 and is increasing for a second goal. At the end of June, Juliette recruited the help of her younger sister, Brielle, and set up a stand at the end of her family’s driveway in Southampton selling lemonade and Headbandz. For payment, she accepted donations only and all proceeds went to NY Presbyterian Hospital. For July 4th weekend, she threw her second lemonade stand, which was even more successful. Juliette will continue throwing lemonade stands all summer to raise money for people in need and help the doctors and nurses with their personal protective equipment during the pandemic. She wants to raise awareness and inspire children to learn how to help give back at a young age during these uncertain times. Juliette told Hamptons Social, “It feels really special to know that I am helping make the world a better place.” Visit @headbandz4heroes on Instagram to find out the date of her next stand.