Need to transport luggage or other items to the Hamptons from NYC? Tote Taxi is a luggage courier service created specifically for people traveling to and from the East End. The company has transported luggage, golf clubs, strollers, bikes, garden soil, and even the occasional giant unicorn. The founder, Danielle Candela, however, drew the line when asked to deliver a Picasso. How does the service work? Go onto their website and tell Tote Taxi your address, who is handing us the bag, (i.e. doorman/hotel concierge), pickup time, type of luggage, and drop off destination. Then, sit back, relax, and let them carry it for you. The brand has recently partnered with Blade to transport luggage and Garde Robe to shuttle designer clothes. They have also added additional services like providing a bag check on Sundays for the Surf Lodge concert series and delivering luggage from the city to LGA, JFK or EWR. As an extra perk, Tote Taxi is currently gifting beauty welcome bags to clients filled with products like Sephora face masks and brushes, Tan-luxe, Hamptons Rose, and Supergoop sun screen.



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