Sam Heughan (OUTLANDER) charmed guests with an invite-only private tasting experience at Si Si Mediterranean Restaurant at EHP Resort on Sunday, July 30th to celebrate the recent launch of The Sassenach’s wild gin.

Hamptons Social caught up with the Scottish actor and COfounder of The Sassenach at the spectacular event which also marked his first trip to the Hamptons. The exclusive party offered tastings of a selection of cocktails including The Sassenach Gin Martini garnished with a Brûléed Green Apple, the Botany of Desire made with wild gin, Thai basil and lime, and the Peach Jasmine Ice Tea made with The Sassenach whiskey.

Heughan told Hamptons Social how the gin earned the “wild” in its name. “It’s a wild gin because it comes from where I grew up in Southern Scotland. A place called Dumfries and Galloway. If you walk into a glen or forest there, you will see all the botanicals we use in our gin. Blackberry leaves, oats, heather, rhubarb, and crab apples.”

He told us he created Sassenach gin with versatility in mind. “I wanted to make something that works in cocktails and on its own — and I think we did it. We just won a gold medal at the Singapore Spirit Awards.” Why does he think Sassenach gin is perfect for the Hamptons? “Everyone loves partying in the Hamptons. It’s a very summer drink. The gin is fresh, vibrant and young..”

Heughan told us about his initial impressions of the Hamptons from this first visit. “I’m really excited to be here. It has a very chill vibe. We would love to spend more time here. Hopefully, next year we will be back.
We are talking about getting a boat for next year.”

The event culminated with Heughan surprising guests having brunch at Si Si with a spell of guest bartending before posing with a bottle of The Sassenach in front of a yacht at the docks. 

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