Molly Wills has created a sanctuary in the Hamptons for nurturing the creativity and spirit of young girls. Wills launched Waverly Beach GirlClass and Camp when she noticed grade-school aged children were becoming more tech-focused and less concentrated on tactile learning. She said, “I saw a need for more of an emphasis on developing the creative side because the creative muscles are often what lead to great innovation and change.”

The classes create a perfect environment for girls to experience creative and educational practices by experts, mentors, and guides. Waverly GirlClasses and GirlCamp are offered in the heart of Southampton at 64 Jobs Lane and the classes are also available for birthday parties and private events in your own home.

“Everyday consists of journaling ideas, discussing traditions and cultures from around the world, and then creating DIY projects that reflect those themes,” Wills said. While focusing on a weekly theme, GirlClass highlights four major creative concepts — fashion, art, wellness, and culinary/food. The experiences encourage girls to believe in their own abilities and empower them to create.

This summer, the classes will also incorporate a weekly surprise visit to a local business. “Girls will discover cool and empowering facts behind that business! This was impossible last summer but it has always been a piece of the GirlClass experience,” said Wills.

The GirlClass space hosts a charming boutique that sells a highly curated selection of Wills’ favorite artisans, writers and creators. “We buy interesting pieces that tell a meaningful story. This new brand, SK*P (skip) is a sustainable hair and face product line for teens and women. It’s beautiful inside and out; happy colors and the packaging is recycled paper milk cartons!” she said.

Wills and Grace Wills, her sister and partner in The Waverly Project, will launch a gallery at their Southampton location this summer. There will be seven female artists rotating exhibits throughout the summer. The first Friday of every show, there will be a cocktail reception at the store and some artists will also teach a class.

“Our mission is to provide a platform for emerging, female artists of any age. We believe that your ability to create is always evolving and we want to support this concept by having multi-generational creators. This also tells a full circle story. Our messaging in GirlClass consistently communicates that you can make your dreams a reality. Hanging your work for people to see and experience is the ultimate dream come true,” Wills said.

This August, the sister duo will host an exhibit of the celebrated British fine-art photographer, conservationist and author David Yarrow. “His photography is brilliant. It’s focused on wildlife, which to me is the ultimate form of inspiration. I love that he’s fearless and passionate, two traits to celebrate and support!” Wills said.

Wills has a strong connection to The Hamptons. Her parents relocated to the Westhampton area after she graduated college. “My dad passed away two years ago and this was his favorite place. The beauty here is pretty remarkable,” she said. “My dad became my biggest cheerleader and he would repeatedly say, ‘You will have a space in the Hamptons one day.’ Sadly, he never got to be here with me to see our dream come true but I know he is making a lot of this happen from heaven. This place reminds me of him everyday.”

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