We were immediately drawn to Noun New York’s playful sketches depicting the exteriors of restaurants and bars in the Hamptons and New York City. There is something about the image of The Lobster Roll with its American flag and “Lunch” sign, or Montauk Brewing Company’s red siding and large brick patio, or Pierre’s tables buzzing with patrons and painted sailboats on the windows that creates a visceral reaction of joy. Maybe it’s because the outside of these places evoke memories from another time. The restaurants remind us of nights filled with laughter, clanking glasses, and sharing our hearts over unforgettable meals. We are living in a time when human connection is looked upon with a touch of nostalgia. The artist behind Noun New York, Amanda Giuffre, says she began creating her illustrations during quarantine, “To remind us of the places we love.” Her prints are available on her website and new designs are possible through custom orders. We had the opportunity to interview her about her inspiration, creative process, and the perfect way to spend a day in the Hamptons.

What inspired you to start Noun New York?
Missing New York! My life in Manhattan pretty much revolves around eating! I love the time spent after work and on the weekends grabbing drinks and dinner with friends. I make a conscious effort to always try new places. Drawing these places became a reminder of good times! It’s a great creative outlet + something for me to get excited about throughout quarantine.

What do you love about drawing exteriors of restaurants and bars?

Each bar and restaurant has such a personality. It’s fun looking at them from a more detailed + up close perspective. However, one of the best parts of this whole thing has been seeing how excited people get about the spots I draw. It makes me happy knowing others are happy!

Any info on your art background

Penn State Alum…. WE ARE! My education and career have always been in design; specifically, beauty and fashion. I’m currently an Art Director at Estée Lauder- I work on packaging design and campaigns. Illustrating is my hobby.

Any insight to your creative process?
I pull inspiration from everywhere; people, places, and things- hence “NOUN” New York. When I’m physically creating my workspace has to be comfortable and  organized. I love to blast a good playlist!

What would a perfect day in the Hamptons look like?
A perfect day requires three things; a lobster taco from Bostwicks, Wölffer Rosé,  and good company!

Website: nounnewyork.com

Instagram: @nounnewyork

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