Celebrity jewelry designer and founder of her eponymous fine jewelry brand, Stephanie Gottleib holds strong ties to the Hamptons. She is known for her one-of-a-kind diamond statement pieces and most recently Stephanie designed Britney Spears’ custom wedding bands. Building the brand through her rainbow-filled Instagram feed, Gottleib shares style inspiration, trends and her latest designs with her loyal fan base via social media.

Hamptons Social had the pleasure of interviewing the mogul and entrepreneur about her recent milestone birthday celebration in the Hamptons, her expert advice on stacking jewelry, and her predictions for celebrity engagement ring and wedding trends for 2023.

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: Can you tell us about your strong connection to the Hamptons?

STEPHANIE GOTTLIEB: My husband and I started coming out to the Hamptons when we graduated from college.  We loved the fresh air, long beach days, nightly drives to see the sunset, and space to enjoy being outdoors! 

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: How does the South Fork serve as a source of inspiration to you?

GOTTLIEB: There is a serious sense of calm, that feeling of “ahhhh” when I get off the highway and pull into Southampton.  There is nothing I love more than long days outside, driving to see the sunset with our kids while we eat ice cream, and dinner parties with friends at our new home.  The Hamptons gives me the time and space to take a step back from work and the craziness.

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: You recently celebrated a milestone birthday in the Hamptons. How did you celebrate your special day? 

GOTTLIEB: I love a good excuse to throw a party! This year I turned 35, and arrived home just days before from a long trip to my favorite vacation destination, Capri, Italy.  I wanted the party to feel like an extension of my trip and bring a “taste of Italy” home, so we threw a La Dolce Vita themed birthday party at our house, and it was such a memorable celebration!

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: That is a sensational theme! How did you bring it to life?

GOTTLIEB: All of my friends got into the theme — imagine lots of florals, Dolce prints, and white eyelet dresses. To welcome our guests, there was a whole lineup of Jolly cars out front in rainbow colors from Hampton Jolly, all adorned with rainbow flowers. The pool was filled with little floral-filled row boats, our gazebo was covered in Bouganvilla, and a rainbow beach shop held some of my favorite finds including beach hats, limoncello, sweatshirts, and cookies. A long table with rainbow decor running the center and finished with a huge light that looked like ‘the moon’ served as the perfect tablescape. There was a Spritz cart, espresso martinis were flowing, and the perfect Italian menu to top it off.  Our planners (Imagine Party and Events) and event designers (Cerka Creative) did such an amazing job bringing that Caprese-feel to the Hamptons, and everyone was so excited to celebrate! 

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: You are known for your eye-catching and sparkling Instagram feed. How did you come up with the idea to make it rainbow-themed?

GOTTLIEB: Rainbow really is part of my personal brand!  It’s something I’ve identified with since I was a little girl – color just makes me happy!  And so many people resonate with that cheerfulness in our branding.

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: What is one piece of jewelry that feels especially meaningful to you? 

GOTTLIEB:  The Slider Bangle™  is one of my signature designs, and it’s a special one!  It’s my take on a modern charm bracelet; a bangle with charms that can be added to and changed over time.  I wear one for each of my children, one with my dogs’ names,  my husband’s name, and one with my wedding date.  Our clients love the personalization we offer, and the Slider Bangle has become a go-to piece for customers to buy when they’re investing in their first important SG piece.

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: The photos on your Instagram feed of layered rings, bracelets and necklaces are entrancing. Any expert advice on how to stack? 

GOTTLIEB: The rule is, there are no rules!  But I personally love to mix metals and styles that have a similar but slightly different scale.  My favorite stack includes our signature Slider Bangle™, classic Pave Bangles,  Wave Cuffs, and Arielle bangles, all in a mix of metal colors!

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: You have a very strong celebrity following. Could you give us some insight into celebrity engagement ring and wedding trends for 2023? 

GOTTLIEB: Ovals were huge in 2022!  I think we’ll be seeing a lot of Elongated Cushions and Radiants in 2023, and I predict Rainbow will continue to be a huge trend for weddings!

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: What has drawn you to work with diamonds? What do you find is most magnificent about the gem stone?  

GOTTLIEB: Diamonds are a miracle of nature; they take billions of years to rise to the surface and then pass through so many talented and skilled hands to become the sparkly gemstones that we see in jewelry!  Something so ordinary from the earth, but so special inside!  What’s so special is that each natural diamond is entirely unique, with its own pattern of inclusions and imperfections. Diamonds make the wearer feel special, and that is really the best part of my job — that I get to design and sell something that will mean so much to the wearer!

To shop Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry, visit StephanieGottlieb.com. To keep up with Stephanie Gottlieb, follow her on Instagram at Instagram.com/stephaniegottlieb.

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