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New York City-based fine jeweler Briony Raymond will be back out East this summer at AERIN in East Hampton on August 11th and 12th. Reprising her pop up at the store last year, Raymond will be showcasing a selection of her signature designs as well as consult on bespoke pieces and resets.  Her breathtaking creations have attracted countless admirers including A-List clients like Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gigi Hadid Jennifer Lopez, and Lily James.

Following several years working in finance in Paris and London, Raymond began her career in jewelry at Van Cleef & Arpels, where she spent nearly a decade before founding her namesake atelier in 2015. Raymond collaborates with the world’s most sought-after gemstone suppliers and a team of master jewelers to create jewelry that marries superior style and craftsmanship. 

Hamptons Social had the pleasure of interviewing Raymond ahead of her much anticipated pop up at AERIN located at 7 Newtown Lane in the heart of East Hampton. She told us what she is most looking forward to about the pop-up, why the Hamptons is the perfect place to bring her bespoke creations, and how she draws inspiration from the East End. She also shared how her career at Van Cleef & Arpels influenced her, the latest in bridal jewelry trends, and the special meaning behind her Zodiac Generations necklace.

What are you most looking forward to about opening your pop-up at AERIN in East Hampton?

BRIONY RAYMOND: I love going to the Hamptons for a summer getaway, and AERIN is one of my favorite shops out East! It’s a quintessential Hamptons boutique and a one-stop-shop for the chicest home and fashion. We feel honored to be able to display our Briony Raymond Collection in a location that’s eponymous with classic Hamptons elegance. Nobody – I mean nobody – does it better than Aerin!   

[Photo by Sophie Sahara]

Tell us why The Hamptons are the perfect place to bring your stunning bespoke and limited-edition designs. 

RAYMOND: I’ve always found myself inspired by the water and the beach, and the timelessness of the Hamptons really rings true in so many of the pieces I design. It’s kind of jewelry you can wear with an evening gown or a bathing suit and still feel incredible. All of our Collection and Bespoke pieces are made by hand in New York, so it feels all the more fitting to celebrate them in our favorite New York vacation spot!

What are some of the pieces you will have at the pop up?

RAYMOND: Come for a sneak peek of our new Athena collection, along with our client favorites for everyday wear – Sloan rings, Cobalt chains, Zodiac pendants and Memoir lockets.  Lots of hunky, chunky gold ’second skin’ jewels!

[Photo by Sophie Sahara]

What is your personal connection to the Hamptons?

RAYMOND: I grew up sailing with my family, and some of my happiest Hamptons memories are weekends on the boat in Cockles Harbor and Sag Harbor and afternoons clamming in 3 Mile Harbor. The coastline of the East End is truly second to none, and enjoying it from the vantage of the water has always brought me so much joy. It’s so fun to create new memories here now with my own children (who thankfully love being out on the water as much as I do!). 

You began your career in jewelry at Van Cleef & Arpels. Could you tell us about how those years influenced you? 

RAYMOND: Despite having devoted my university studies to The History of Art while living in Paris, I actually began my working career in finance directly upon graduating. I spent several unfulfilled years in banking before making the wonderfully happy pivot to the world of fine jewelry, much more suited to my passion for art and beauty. When I joined Van Cleef & Arpels in 2007, I had essentially no formal jewelry training and joined the industry with a so-called “clean slate.” I was fortunate to have been immersed in the magic of VCA for nearly a decade, which was an entree into fine jewelry second to none. My training there was an extraordinary opportunity to be educated by the very best of the best and I learned a tremendous amount about high jewelry, natural diamonds and colored gemstones in addition to bearing witness to the finest craftsmanship by the world class jewelers at the VCA workshop. However, paramount to all, the most impactful legacy of my tenure at the storied Maison was being exposed to the true definition of exemplary customer service that was so imbedded in every facet of the VCA client experience. 

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What can people expect from your concierge level service?

RAYMOND: Our concierge level service knows no bounds.  Briony Raymond Bespoke pieces are first rendered, then produced in wax form, and finally silver castings prior to client approval. I’ve flown across the world with both our own collection as well as estate pieces so that clients can touch and try them on in the comfort of their own home. We also love to host in our midtown Manhattan atelier for cocktails, caviar and conversation amongst all the jewels! The entire process of purchasing jewelry is incredibly intimate, and we are so fortunate to have shared countless memories with our clients and their families as they’ve invited us along on the journey of celebrating life’s milestones.

[Photo by Sophie Sahara]

You have a strong personal relationships with the world’s most sought after diamond and colored gemstone suppliers. Do you have a story you can share about creating a perfect treasure for one of your clients?

RAYMOND: I’ve built my business atop a foundation of longstanding relationships with loyal and trusted gemstone and diamond suppliers whom I admire and respect greatly. I am so grateful for those who make it possible for us to create – and curate! – such a varied inventory of BR jewels. In one particularly memorable experience last summer, the MOST spectacular 12+ carat natural blue/green cushion cut sapphire came across my desk (sent to me by one of our favorite Sri Lankan suppliers who just knew I would love it!). The hue of this delicious stone reminded me of the ocean and my boys’ eyes!  I posted it in all its glory on an Instagram story, and before I knew it, a follower reached out and purchased it on the spot! The client and I had never met in person and only “knew” each other through Instagram. She had never seen the sapphire beyond my photos and videos, however she quickly became a dear client and a friend and our team designed the most perfect Briony Raymond Bespoke ring using this unicorn of a gemstone.  The power of social media, and the trust and faith in which our followers place in us is one of the facets of our business and brand of which I am most proud. 

Could you tell us about your bridal collection? And any current bridal jewelry trends?

RAYMOND: Our Briony Raymond bridal pieces really run the gamut – we make many traditional 3 stone rings in the most delicate – yet sturdy – handmade platinum settings, while other clients come to us for our signature chunky 18 karat yellow gold Sloan Solitaires with a rose cut diamond, for example. We have also made emerald fancy yellow radiant cut diamond eternity bands this summer for brides looking for something a bit different!  And recently, we sold a Briony Raymond Estate 1950s Art Deco ring with an old Euro diamond as an engagement ring for a particularly chic couple.

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You are trained as a fine jewelry expert and art historian. How has your training as an art historian informed your work with jewelry?

RAYMOND: Not everything in this industry (or world, for that matter) is what it seems, and having a background in jewelry from various historical eras has saved me a number of times when purchasing estate pieces for myself or a client. 

What is one jewelry piece that is extremely meaningful to you and why?

RAYMOND: My Zodiac Generations necklace is particularly meaningful to me because it is representative of all of the members of my family: my late father, my mother, my sister, my husband and my two boys are each represented by a solid gold zodiac medallion with each of their respective names and birthdays engraved on the back and they are all connected together by solid, handmade chain and serves as a daily talisman that keeps my loved ones close to my heart. 

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