The extraordinary French winemaker Sacha Lichine has once again redefined the category with The Pale Rosé. Named after its transparent, pink color, The Pale by Sacha Lichine embodies all the characteristics of an authentic rosé from Provence. Lichine is the mastermind behind the most famous producer of all Provencal wines, Château d’Esclans.

Hamptons Social spoke with Alex Diard, Brand Ambassador at Château d’Esclans, about The Pale Rosé (Whispering Angel’s young, fresh sister rosé). He shared insight on the connection between rosé and the Hamptons, how he was influenced by growing up in Aix En Provence, the birthplace of rosé, and what he has learned from working closely with the iconic Lichine.

How has the release of The Pale Rosé redefined the category of rosé?

The Pale Rosé is the latest creation of Sacha Lichine, the man who brought us Whispering Angel. The Pale is contributing to the increased popularity, awareness, and interest in rosé wine that is accessible all year around and has a Provence-style influence. With an eclectic label and screw cap, this rosé is made for everyone to enjoy in any and all settings whether you are hosting a party or simply enjoying a glass with your dinner. 

What does someone have to look forward to when they open a bottle of The Pale Rosé?

Upon looking at the bottle, The Pale Rosé is unique, chic, and festive, leaving an amazing first impression before the liquid hits the lips. It immediately captures your attention and promises a fun time. The wine, itself, is a seriously made rosé but was created to be accessible to both avid wine enthusiasts and beginners alike. It’s bright, elegant, and refreshing. You have the satisfaction of the fruits without the sweetness that some other rosés have. 

What is one of the most important lessons you have learned from working closely with Sacha Lichine?

I’ve grown both personally and professionally through my work with Sacha Lichine and his team over the years. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from Sacha, is to be persistent and to not give up. Sacha Lichine had one vision – to make rosé a “real” wine when the category was nonexistent. By leading and inspiring professionals around him, he made that vision turned into a global success story.

How were you influenced by growing up in Aix En Provence, the birthplace of rosé?

Naturally, it means a lot to me since I was born and raised in Provence. I do have some sweet memories growing up when we had family gatherings on Sundays around a delicious lunch, there were always a few bottles of rosé on the table. The quality back then wasn’t as elevated or precise as it is today. It has been quite fantastic to witness the evolution over the years, in quality and popularity beyond the region. 

What do you think about the connection between rosé and the Hamptons?

For many, The Hamptons is an oasis from a busy city life and a place to escape for rest and relaxation with friends and family. I believe rosé became a go-to choice for many residents and well-traveled visitors mainly because of the similarity of lifestyle in the French Riviera. Throughout Antibes, Cannes, Monaco, and Saint Tropez, rosé is associated with the upscale and leisure lifestyle of the area. Life is enjoyed on the beach, by the pool, or on a boat with friends and family. It is simply a celebration of life. The same can be said for The Hamptons.

How has rose evolved over the last decade and what do you foresee for the future?

Over the last decade, the rosé category has experienced significant evolution in terms of production techniques and popularity. I believe the future will remain on this dynamic incline with premiumization as consumers are looking for a more refined wine experience without forgetting “la joie de vivre” – the enjoyment of life. 

The Pale Rosé

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