Today’s modern equestrian wants to look and feel elegant while still being able to feel comfortable in soft breathable fabrics. This summer, we fell in love with Equisite, a line of equestrian clothes that look great on and off a horse, when we visited Equisite’s vendor space at the Hampton Classic. Founder and CEO of the up-and-coming brand, Brianne Link, spoke with Hamptons Social about her inspiration for creating the brand, Equisite’s plans for the Hampton Classic in 2024, and her vision for the label’s future.

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: Why did you create Equisite ?

BRIANNE LINK: After a birthday party pony ride at 4 years old, I fell in love with the equestrian sport. I’m established in the show jumping ring, where I compete in levels up to 1.45m and U25 Grand Prix with the training of Jeffery Welles of Triton Ventures. My passion for horses paired with a fascination for elegant clothing inspired the start of Equisite, an equestrian apparel and accessories line. I graduated college in May 2020 with a bachelor of arts in equestrian studies and minor in business entrepreneurship from Savannah College of Art and Design. During my time studying, I focused on the art and design opportunities within the equestrian industry. 

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: What is the inspiration behind the brand?

LINK: With more than 20 years of equestrian competition experience, I’ve monitored the changes in the form and function of equestrian ensemble. After much research about the history of riding apparel, I wrote my senior thesis on the evolution of equestrian fashion. This gave me the strength to found my own brand. Equisite offers products that highlight beauty, comfort and confidence—all qualities a rider needs to have when entering the show ring. I continue to grow my brand and bring both comfort and class to every equestrian’s closet.

Is Equisite for every type of rider?

LINK: Equisite is an environment for riders of various disciplines to find every element of style that showcases their equestrian elegance. Equisite offers feminine designs, high-tech performance fabrics and comfort for mobility while on and off horseback.

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: What’s in store for the brand for the upcoming season?

LINK:  We are so excited to be returning with sponsorship and vendor space at the Hampton Classic Horse Show in August, 2024.  This winter, Equisite will also have a vendor space at the Winter Equestrian Festival for 13 weeks from January through March 2024.

HAMPTONS SOCIAL: What is next for Equisite?

LINK: Equisite is breaking into the tennis and golf industry to bring class and comfort to stylish athletes who appreciate a feminine color palette and fabrics. 


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